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Monoprice Monolith Tube Headphone Amplifier with ESS Sabre DAC for $330 w/FS

CORRECTION: the post-title had the sale price as $320 instead of $330. The text of the post had the correct price of $330…

This came out during the Monoprice big bangs of new products, and it is currently on sale and with free standard US shipping, which is a big plus, because this is a big boy, it’s not a tiny portable headphone amplifier – quite the opposite.

Not to turn this into a reading comprehension exam, but in this case, “this” refers to the new condition Monolith Tube Headphone Amplifier with ESS Sabre DAC on sale for a limited time for $330 with aforementioned free standard US shipping. You can buy up to twenty ~ although I doubt any non-commercial customer will get anywhere near that number.

Monoprice Retro Semi-Open Over-Ears for $22.49 w/FS

Samson and Superlux are not the only ones selling these headphones. They go by some other brands, and from the looks of it, Monoprice too is on the game, and they are now on selling, their Modern Retro closed-back semi-open over-ears are going for the very specific price of $22.49 with free standard US shipping. Limit up to twenty per customer at the sale price.

Speaking of which, the Monoprice website is also having on sale the new condition Triple Driver In-Ears for $30 with free standard US shipping. Finally someone at Monoprice realized that their previous name of “XXX” had other …connotations. Limit up to twenty per customer as well.

EU: AmazonBasics In-Ears for 4.16 euro [updated]

UPDATE: the blue color scheme sale ended but the black color scheme continues to be on sale for 4.16 euro, you can buy as many as you want but it is an Add-On item, so you must place a 20+ euro order of eligible (shipped or fulfilled by Amazon Germany) products ~ otherwise their shopping cart won’t let you buy it…

On the budget side of things in Europe, Amazon Germany is currently offering the new condition AmazonBasics In-Ears for 3.45 euro in the blue color scheme and just over 4 euro in the black color scheme. These are without mic/remote. Because of the low price, they are an add-on item, so you must needs place an order of 25+ euro otherwise their shopping cart won’t let you buy them. You can buy as many as you like.

This is not a lightning deal, so there is no set expiration time. The price can change dynamically at any time as the Amazon Price Bots see fit 🙂

PS: I had one of these, I’ll have to check my pictures archives to see if I took any pictures for unboxing and wrote any impressions and such. One of these days I will get organized and start producing more content again 🙂 Please leave requests for things you want to see done ~ especially unusual or off-beat things that are not done by everybody else 🙂