Archives for April 1, 2019

Audioengine D3 Portable DAC/Amp for $65 [MD]

More and more things are getting added. This time we have the Audioengine D3 Portable DAC/Amp going for $65 with free US shipping at the Massdrop website. International shipping appears to over around $4.

This will ship in late April 2019 from Massdrop. There’s no mention of warranty in the product listing. It comes with a carrying case and an adapter cable. It runs for the next four days and change [from blog-posting time here]…

BREAKING! Monoprice launches Monolith High-End Cassette Tape systems

UPDATE: April 3 (2019): with magic cables and centuries-long burn-ins, it may be a good idea to expicitly point out that this had been an April Fool’s Day joke by Monoprice for 2019 🙂

It is quite trend on Bandcamp, especially among lo-fi and noise-pop style bands to have their music not only available in digital, CD and vinyl BUT also a cassette tape.

So perhaps it is not surprise that today, April 1 (2019) Monoprice decided to reveal their brand new Monolith Cassette Tape series of audio products. As of the time of writing, there are three products with prices ranging from $200 to $1300.

The new products are doing very well in the initial reviews just posted at the Monoprice website 🙂

Etymotic ER3-XR or ER3-SE for $145 each [MD]

Triple-flange fans, unite and take over! Good for the next four days and change (from blog-posting time) you can get the new condition Etymotic ER3-SE or ER3-XR for $145 each [or you can get both for $290, there’s no combined purchase discount] from Massdrop.

There’s no mention of warranty in the listing. They will ship from Massdrop in early May 2019. Free US shipping. International shipping appears to be under $5 ~ but I only test a small random sampling of countries because they are too many to test for each post 🙂

PS: the “XR” has a “mild bass boost” over the SE per the listing…