Archives for March 8, 2019

Flash Sale: KZ ZS10 In-Ears w/mic/remote for $34

GearBest (not GearBeast) has launched a weekend sale and among their various offerings, for a limited time, you can find the new condition KZ ZS10 In-Ears for $34 or 30 euro (depending on location). This is the black color scheme with a mic/remote.

They ship from China. Shipment from Hong Kong is more expensive. Shipping fees are very low for registered air mail ($2-$3 for many locations). Earphones are, after all, a small little thing 🙂

There are 187 units available as part of this flash deal as of the time of writing.

They have detachable cables, so you can mix and match if you have other compatible cables, or you can optionally turn them into bluetooth by using a compatible KZ bluetooth cable.

Lin Soul OCC silver-plated cables for $50 [MD]

Magic cables without the magic price? 🙂 Cable is a very hot button issue in some audiophile forums, so it is up to you to decide where you draw the line on price, specs, benefits and the like 🙂

Running for the next week or so at the Massdrop shopping site is a sale on Lin Soul OCC silver-plated cables going for $50 each. You have various options in the shopping cart for either end of the cable. It can be 2-pin or MMCX on one end, and either 3.5mm or 2.5mm on the other end.

These will ship in early April 2019 from Massdrop. There is no mention of a warranty in the listing…