Archives for March 3, 2019

Blue Bag: MEE Audio X-series bluetooth earphones for $25

If you are a fan of the mild excitement of not knowing exactly which model you will receive in the mail, Massdrop is running another blue bag sale, this time is the MEE X-series bluetooth earphones. You pay $25, and for that price you are guaranteed to receive one of four bluetooth earphone models:

+ MEE Audio X5 or X6 or X7 (chance of 30% each)
+ MEE Audio X8 (10% chance)

This being a random pick, you don’t get to pick the colors – they are what they are shown over there. There is a limit of two grab-bags per Massdrop account. There’s no mention of warranty. They will ship in late March 2019.

As usual, they also have “nilestone prizes” which include various AKG x Massdrop over-ears and the Hifiman HE-350 and the Noble X Universal. Think of these as lottery ticket type of chances, so don’t buy a grab bag just for a chance to win one of these.

Audioengine D3 portable USB DAC/amp for $65 [MD]

On the portable USB DAC/amp front, the good old AudioEngine D3 is currently fully-unlocked at the Massdrop website for $65, with a late March 2019 shipment estimate. They will ship from the vendor [in other words, not by Massdrop itself], and there’s no mention of warranty in the aforementioned listing.

Cadras EM5813 in-ears for $150 [MD]

More action happening at Massdrop, running for the next four days and change [from posting time here] is the new condition Cadras EM5813 in-ears going for $150 with a late March 2019 shipment estimate from the vendor. There is no mention of warranty in the listing.

Feed your DAPs: 128GB Samsung microSDXC for $21

Time to feed the pets BUT also feed your DAPs and PADs and tablets and smartphones and such. The 128GB Samsung EVO Select micro-SDXC memory card is currently on sale for $21 by Amazon actual. If you want less storage, the 64GB option goes for $11, or if you want lots more, the 256GB option goes for $48…

Monoprice HR-5 Open Over-Ears for $50 w/FS

Monoprice continues to add more headphone gear to their line-up, one of which is the brand new HR-5 open-back over-ears, and as of the time of writing, they are on sale for $50 with free standard US shipping at the Monoprice website. Up to twenty pairs per customer at the sale price. They don’t have any reviews at the Monoprice site, so your favorite search engines and forums are your friends…

They come with a generous package for the price, two sets of earpads included (protein and velour), a carrying case and a good old 1/4″ adapter. As you can tell by the accessories, the earpads are removable/replaceable…

AND in a parallel promotion, they are offering the HR-5C closed-back over-ears for $55 with free standard US shipping. This one has two customer reviews with a 4.5 out of 5 average, and it also has a few questions answered…

Dekoni Blue (by Fostex) Planars for $190 [MD]

Planet Planar continues to expand with newer options, one of which is now fully unlocked at the members-only BUT free-to-join Massdrop webite. It is the new condition Dekoni Blue (by Fostex) semi-open over-ear planar-magnetic headphones, based on the good old Fostex T50RP Mark III.

The price is $190; orders will ship in late March 2019 from the vendor. There’s no mention of warranty in the listing. The drop runs for the next four days and change [from blog-posting date that is]…