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Trainer by Gibson TH100/27 Exercise Bluetooth On-Ears for $40

A couple of exercise headphones are on sale for a limited time at NewEgg’s websites.

We start with the new condition Trainer by Gibson TH100/27 co-branded with speedster Usain Bolt in the white-gold color scheme for $30 with free shipping. These are bluetooth with “weather seal” and come with a pouch and charging cable. They do not come with the additional freebies you can get with the $60 option at Woot Plus. The sale runs until Saturday night.

Or if you want to pay $10 less, for $30 plus $4 shipping [or free with memberships] you can get them in open-box condition. Same expiration as above. No promo codes, no rebates needed.

Next up, offered by NewEGG Business is the new condition Klipsch AS-5i Pro exercise earphones, with hooks and all, going for $24 with free shipping. No coupon, no rebate.

xDuoo TA-10 Balanced Headphone DAC/Amp for $240 [MD]

Another offer has “blossomed” (okay, unlocked) at the members-only Massdrop, it is the new condition xDuoo TA-10 Balanced Headphone DAC/Amp going for $240 with free US shipping. The offer runs for the next four days and change from blog posting time. It will ship in early May from Massdrop with all sales final as usual. There is no mention of warranty in the listing.

Belkin 3.5mm Splitter Cable for $2

A marketplace seller has triggered a price-match from Amazon’s own price-bots and the new condition Belkin 3.5mm Splitter Cable is down to $2 in the white color scheme. You can buy as many as you like. At this low price however, it is an Add-On item, so your order total must needs be $25+. You can get to $25+ with just a baker’s dozen of these, the limit is 30 per customer. They come with a lifetime warranty per the listing.

This is an unpowered splitter, it takes one 3.5mm audio input and spits it to two 3.5mm audio outputs. Different models are on the same listing, so dig deeper into the reviews (the other option is a hard Y splitter but it’s not on sale)…

PWYW ($1 minimum): “Manga Guide to Electricity” (DRM-Free)

If you are interested in the more technical aspects of DACs and AMPs and DAPs, impedance matching and other audio related technobabble, or want to a better understanding of the NwAvGuy detailed blogs, but find all the electricity talk intimidating, then how about this?

With a donation of $1 or more, the MakerSpace Humble Bundle includes the DRM-free e-book “The Manga Guide to Electricity”, a 224-page manga-style e-book that explains many things electricity in simple and fun ways. As if you are reading a manga (comic book). By Kazuhiro Fujitaki, Matsuda, and Trend-pro Co, Ltd.

I just purchased this and e-flipped through it, it is pretty good! You get a PDF and an ePUB version, both are DRM-free so you can read them with any device and app you like. You can download both, you don’t have to pick between PDF and ePUB.

The publisher has posted updates on the book, there are three corrections listed.

Better yet, you can randomly dive inside the book using the Amazon “Look Inside” feature on the Print Book page. Keep scrolling to see more and more of the book. This is better than a Kindle sample, because the Kindle sample only shows the beginning of the book.

This averages 4.6 out of 5 based on 42 customer reviews at Amazon.

This Humble Bundle offer expires on 4/9/18 at 2pm eastern. A minimum $1 donation also gets you five other e-books and a sample from “No Starch” (the publisher). You can donate as much as you like. There are additional tiers with additional ebooks added to the bundle.

PSA: Amazon deleting user-uploaded mp3s on 4/30/18, but you can keep them by pressing a button

Amazon will be deleting the user uploaded mp3s from your Amazon Music account on 4/30/18, but if you want to keep them, you have to take action before the deadline. All you have to do is press a button. I just posted a step by step guide if you are not sure what needs to be done.

Stacksocial Coupons: $25/$150+ or $15/$75+ or $5/$50+

The Audeze iSine are no longer there but there are various other headphones at Stacksocial including the 1More Quad Driver IEMs ($150 before coupon) along with options from Treblab, Paww, Freshebuds, and the The Anchor by Elevation Labs. Stacksocial does not have 3rd-party sellers offering unauthorized copies like Amazon.

The coupons are $25 off orders of $150+ with SAVE25, or $15 off $75+ with SAVE15, or $5 off $50+ with SAVE5.

UPDATE: coupon names corrected…

PS: as of the time of writing, it looks like Amazon has removed the iffy sellers from The Anchor listing, it’s just Elevation Labs and Amazon actual offering it there.

Used/Open-Box Sennheiser AMBEO Smart Headset (iOS) for $239

If you are curious about Sennheiser’s 3D earphones but don’t want to pay the $300 new condition price, Blinq has the Sennheiser AMBEO Smart Headset (iOS) in “Used – Like New” open-box condition offered for $239 [WAS $225] with free shipping through Amazon Warehouse Deals. Blinq’s sale of used/open-box products is endorsed by Sennheiser as we learned yesterday

NoiseHush NX80 earphones for $7

On the budget side of things, the new condition NoiseHush NX80 earphones, wired with mic/remote are offered in the black and white color scheme for $7 each in the Woot Plus headphone page, with up to ten pairs per customer. Free shipping for Prime members or the usual $5 flat shipping for everything purchases in a single calendar day at Woot. They average 3.7 out of 5 based on 2050+ customer reviews at where they go for $12 in this color ($11 in red/black) and have over 100 answered questions.

PS: these are not ANC earphones. The “hush” in their name is for their “In-Line Noise Cancelling Microphone”…

ONKYO rubato DP-S1(B) DAP for $199 w/FS

Surprise-surprise, the latest Newegg e-Newsletter sale has a DAP among the many techie products it features! It is the new condition ONKYO rubato DP-S1(B) offered for $199 with free shipping, sold by Electronics Expo through NewEgg. No promo code, and no mail-in rebate needed! Just add to cart and proceed to checkout.

There is also a headphone sale in this lot, the new condition Philips FS3BK lightweight on-ears going for $15 with free shipping, sold and shipped by Newegg actual.

Both offers are good until Thursday night or earlier if sold out.

[DEAD] Saturday PADs: refurb LG V10 for $120, V20 for $190

These tempting PAD sales are over, so I’m safe 🙂

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