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New Unboxing: Sony WH-CN700N BT/ANC Over-Ears

Until I finalize how I want to approach posting headphone reviews (I really don’t want to write “syrupy treble” and “lush” and use effusively flowery descriptions), we have another text-and-pictures unboxing, the most objective part of an audio review 🙂 This time the subject/victim is the Sony WH-CH700N ANC/BT over-ears with 3.5mm input as well.

For more of our unboxings, these are the headphone unboxings (over-ear, on-ear, earphones, earbuds, etc) and these are the unboxings of Everything Else (DAPs, DAC/amps, earpads, accessories, etc).

Philips X2HR Open-Over Ear for $182 Open-Box or $235 New Condition

Look who’s back! The open-back over-ear Philips X2HR/27 headphones are available in open-box condition for $182 with free shipping at Musician’s Friend. They are in-stock and ready to ship. They are marked as “Scratch & Dent” which includes 45-day no-hassle returns but no manufacturer warranty.

As of 4/1/18 recheck, this coupon expired: But if you prefer new condition, fear not! Coupon code MFX2HR drops the price of the new condition from $295 to $235 also at Musician’s Friend. This too is in-stock and ready to ship…

You can test the coupons without having to create an account. Simply add items of interest to the shopping cart, proceed to the shopping cart, and page down to locate the coupon code box and type it in there.

$100 off the Sony WH-1000 X2 ANC/BT [MD]

Massdrop through an unspecified 3rd-party vendor is offering a $100 off discount in the shopping cart for the new condition Sony WH-1000 X2 ANC/BT Over-Ears dropping their price in-cart from $350 to $250 with free US shipping. This offer is only available to the 48 contiguous US states. The listing says these come with a 1-year Sony warranty, which suggests that the 3rd-party vendor fulfilling the orders is an authorized Sony dealer.

These will ship April 10 in 2018, with all sales final. The offer ends in two days and change from blog-posting date. 220 units have been purchased so far from this listing per the MD stats over there.

[DEAD] Sunday: Insignia Kids On-Ear Headphones for $6

This daily deal expired…

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