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[DEAD] eBay Flash Sale (until 11pm ET): 20% most items priced $25+ (max discount $100)

The eBay Flash sale ENDED… The many individual deal-posts were removed because they were way too many to go through one by one and mark them as expired…

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Topping NX4 DSD DAC/Amp for $140 w/FS [MD]

This is looking like a busy week at Massdrop [check the latest unlocked offers], and one more has unlocked, it is the new condition Topping NX4 DSD DAC/Amp going for $140 with free US shipping. The offer is running for the next four days and change from blog-posting date here.

It is available in black or silver, and will ship in mid-April from Massdrop [don’t forget to do your taxes!] with all sales final. There is no mention of warranty in the listing.

TEAC UD-503 Dual-Monaural USB DAC with Full Balanced Headphone Amp for $800 after coupon

Thanks to those extra 99 cents putting it over $999, the new condition TEAC UD-503 Dual-Monaural USB DAC with Full Balanced Headphone Amp qualifies for a $200 off discount (instead of a $100 off discount) when you use coupon code MARCH20 at Guitar Center until 3/11/18 at 11:59pm. The discount drops it from $1000 to $800. It is backordered but you can order it if you want to lock up the price! It is part of the previously mentioned Guitar Center coupon promotion

10pk Cowhide Cord Wrappers for $6

If you like to use cord wrappers to keep the cables under control, and if you prefer to color-match the wrappers with the color/design of the headphone or the cords, FIBOUND is offering ten cowhide cord wrappers for $6 with the orders fulfilled by Amazon. They come in five colors and you get two of each color.

The product description does not mention how many are included but the seller is answering questions in the “Questions and Answers” section where they mention you get 10 and they are made of cowhide. In terms of size, one customer says 2.5 inches, another says 3.5 inches. This customer review has a 1.5 minute video that shows them in action. From the looks of it, they can handle thicker cables as well…

Guitar Center coupon: $20 off $99+ or $100 off $499+ or $200 off $999+

Good until Sunday night (March 11), Guitar Center has a coupon promotion on their website with over 23,600 products participating when you enter coupon code MARCH20 over there. The discount depends on your order total:

  • $20 off orders of $99 or more
  • $100 off orders of $499 or more
  • $200 of orders of $999 or more

Of headphone interest, they have 98 models under Pro Audio and 21 headphones under Consumer Electronics. There is some overlap between the categories, so the total of eligible models is under 120.

Monoprice M1060 Open Over-Ear Planars for $224 with free shipping after coupon

FriYAY is here and with it we have the usual duet of Friday-and-Saturday coupons for Coupon KNOCK is $5 off orders of $25 or more, while the coupon KNOCK2X is 20% off orders of $150 or more. The minimum amounts must needs be reached with products eligible for the coupon, not a mix of eligible and ineligible items. You can still buy ineligible (for the coupon) items in the same shopping cart, they just won’t count towards the $250 minimum. The coupons end Saturday night…

As usual, your humble correspondent has tested all the Monolith headphones (I have a shopping cart with all of them in, and add/remove and do the math if more than one is coupon eligible). Only one of the Monolith headphones is eligible, but it has also been discounted since the last time the coupon was out, so we have a bigger discount.

The new condition Monoprice M1060 Open Over-Ear Planars are on sale for $280 but they are also eligible for 20% off coupon code KNOCK2X dropping them to $224 with free standard US shipping!

If you are buying these, since they get free US shipping, they can “absorb” partially or fully the shipping cost of other items that are not eligible for free shipping. So it might be a good opportunity to add cables, adapters and other small things. Like this $2 Monoprice earphones with a 1-button remote/mic, or mayhaps this $1.09 splitter with separate volume controls.

Sennheiser HD 231G On-Ears for $20 w/free S&H

NewEgg has launched another sale (as usual some of the offers may require a promo code) and among them is a headphone sale that has no coupon, and no rebate, just add to cart and proceed to checkout. It is one of Sennheiser’s market share grabbers, the new condition Sennheiser HD 231G On-Ears (closed-back) for $20 with free shipping with up to five pairs per customer. “G” for the Galaxy/Android buttons. Sale ends on Thursday (or earlier if sold out).

[DEAD] Used Creative Aurvana LIVE! for $43

AS of a 3/13/18 AM recheck, the $43 used option sold out… The new condition Creative Aurvana LIVE currently go for $56. If you don’t want to wait for them to go on sale further down, you can get them in “Used – Like New” condition (damaged original packaging) for $43~ with free shipping by Amazon Warehouse Deals actual. A marketplace seller has them for slightly less but avoid them, their reseller profile does not look good.

[DEAD] Astell & Kern AK 100 Mark II DAPs for $465

This sale ended… On the higher end of DAPs, the new condition Astell and Kern AK 100 Mark II are currently on sale for a limited time for $455 at Touch of Modern

Touch of Modern is a website that specializes in modern and harder to find products. ToM has been growing steadily, with over 1 million orders placed in 2016 per their About page.

[DEAD] Sunday: Monoprice Select 2.5″ 2-Way Bookshelf Speakers for $29 with free shipping after coupon

This coupon expired…

Sunday is here, and the coupon 15DAY gets you 15% off orders without any minimum purchase amount, making the new condition Monoprice Select 5.25″ 2-Wah Bookshelf Speakers drop from $34.46 to $29.29 with free US ground shipping included. Comes out to almost the same price as the Fri-Saturday coupon! These are passive speakers. Check customer reviews and answered questions over there for more details.

[DEAD] Status Audio CB-1 for $49

This lightning deal expired… Good until 8pm eastern tonight, a lightning deal at Amazon has the new condition closed-back over-ear Status Audio CB-1 going for $49 with free shipping, sold by the Status Audio store with the order fulfilled by Amazon.