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Costco Members: Sony WH-H900N BT/ANC Over-Ears for $230

Your Costco membership dollars are hard at work. This particular offer is restricted to members-only, so if you are not a member, you cannot buy it, even if you are willing to pay the non-member surcharge. Some of the Costco offers are reserved like this, whether it’s a question of available quantity or agreement with manufacturer or member reward. Regardless…

… the new condition Sony WH-H900N BT/ANC over-ears are going for $230 with free shipping for Costco members. The usual benefits of longer returns and such are available as usual.

Refurbished Sony WF-1000X Truly Wireless for $70

Further down in price they go, in black or gold color schemes, the manufacturer refurbished Sony WF-1000X Truly Wireless (with bluetooth, NFC, and ANC) are down to $70 with free shipping by the Secondipity eBay store (a well-known refurbished seller) with a limit of up to five pairs per customer at the sale price. Over 450 units have been sold per the eBay listing over there. They come with 30-day returns and a 90-day limited warranty.

PS: on the blog front, I have now created a separate top-level category for Truly Wireless, since they don’t really fit into In-Ears or Earbuds. That way those looking for in-ears and earbuds won’t have to see sift through these little critters in those blog categories 🙂 I won’t go back and re-edit old posts, but new ones going forward will be under this top-level category instead of a tag.

Pre-order new “Truly Wireless” Jabra 65t and Sony WF-SP700N

“Truly Wireless” earphones are not going to win awards for audiophile qualities and beautiful charts any time soon but they have their place and use-cases as long as they work for what you want them to do. While updating the Headphone Tracker two more of the new headphones announced at CES 2018 are now available for pre-ordering as follows:

+ Sony WF-SP700N for $178 in four color schemes at B&H Photo with a March 12 release estimate

+ Jabra 65t for $170 by Amazon actual with a March 20 release estimate

Pre-order new AKG N5005 IEMs for $1000

Another one of the new four-figure headphones is now available for pre-ordering, it is the AKG N5005 available for pre-ordering for $1000 at B&H Photo. There is no release estimate at the moment. This too surfaced while updating our on-going Headphone Tracker

Pre-orders new Sony MDR-1AM2 Closed Over-Ears for $298

The closed-back over-ear Sony MDR-1AM2 is the “M2” version of their MDR-1A, and it was part of the Sony CES 2018 announcements, and while updating our on-going Headphone Tracker we have a pre-order option for $298 with a March 13 release estimate at authorized Sony dealer
B&H Photo

TFZ T1 Galaxy IEMs for $25 w/free S&H [MD]

Another budget earphone has been unlocked at the members-only but free-to-join Massdrop, it is the new condition TFZ T1 Galaxy IEMs going for $25 with free US shipping. It is available in four different color schemes. These will ship in early April from Massdrop, with all sales final. No mention of warranty in the listing. The offer runs for the next three days and change (from blog-posting date).

MEE Audio Earphone Grab Bag for $9 w/FS [MD]

If you like the semi-excitement and semi-randomness of grab-bags, Massdrop is back with another one, this one costs $9 with free US shipping and featured MEE Audio earphones. This is limited to US addresses (presumably because the earphone cost is so low, international shipping would be multiples of the earphone price.

For this price, you will randomly receive one of the following:

  • 50% will get the RX18p
  • 25% will get the M6
  • 23% will get the Crystal
  • 2% will get the M6 PRO

These will ship in late March 2018 from the vendor. All sales final. The offer runs for the next seven days and change (from blog-posting date).

Feed Your DAPs: 400GB Sandisk microSDXC for $185

If your DAPs and PADs are compatible with 400GB microSDXC cards, the Sandisk Ultra UHS-I with full size adapter is currently on sale for $185 with free shipping by Amazon actual (ships within 1-3 weeks) and for $185 with free shipping at B&H Photo (ships tomorrow)…

Sony H700 neckband bluetooth earphones for $125

On the neckband bluetooth earphones front, the new condition Sony H700 are on sale for $125~ in the red color scheme and $128~ in the blue color scheme at Amazon by Amazon actual and also by marketplace sellers. The black color scheme however appears to be sold out.

Speaking of Sony, this Sony SSCS5 3-Way 3-Driver Bookshelf Speaker System is on sale for $118 with free shipping with up to four sets per customer at the sale price. They average 4.7 out of 5 based on 127 customer reviews and they have even more answered questions over there…

And some more Sony discounting, their new condition Sony PSHX500 Hi Res USB Turntable in the black color scheme is down to $398 with free shipping with up to four per customer at the sale price.

Buy TWO Sonos ONE speakers for $348

Amazon has a high profile offer that gets you a $50 Amazon plastic gift card if you purchase this 2-Pack of Sonos ONE speakers for $398. Sonos speakers are single units, unlike conventional speakers that work in pairs. Multiple units is when you want to use them in multiple rooms/locations.

But did you know that you can also get the discount by buying the speakers separately without having to get a $50 gift card? Simply add two units of the single speakers in the shopping cart and proceed to checkout. The shopping cart will automatically deduct $50 from your order total for every two Sonos One speakers it sees. Here’s a screenshot of the relevant part:

The LOL Marketing Segment
Sony is a popular brand. Sonos is a popular brand. So why not create a brand name called …Sonas? 🙂

Califone CA-2 lightweight on-ears for $5.84

On the budget side of things, the lightweight Califone CA-2 on-ear headphones with a resealable storage bag [given the price, I suppose it makes sense for them to put this in the product title] are on sale for $5.84 with free shipping for Prime members or with a $25+ order at Expiration time unknown since this is not a lightning deal. They average 3.6 out of 5 based on 25 customer reviews.

Sun: JBL Inspire 700 bluetooth earphones for $30 w/FS

One of the Best Buy Sunday daily deals is the new condition JBL Inspire 700 bluetooth earphones offered for $30 with free shipping or free store pickup where available. It has zero customer reviews so it may be a new product.


The new condition BEHRINGER U-PHORIA UMC404HD audio interface is currently on sale for $88 with free shipping at Amazon by Amazon actual. This is not a lightning deal. The in-stock estimate is March 7 (2018). It averages 4.4 out of 5 based on 190 customer reviews and it has 249 answered questions.

[DEAD] Monday: Monoprice M300 Planar In-Ears for $97.50 with coupon IF your order total is $300+ in coupon-eligible products

This daily deal expired…

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