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Used Xiaomi Piston Fits In-Ears for $12 [Prime eligible]

If you don’t want to wait for weeks for these to get to you from China, especially if you are a Prime member, the Xiaomi Piston Fit in-ears are available for around $12 in used condition through Amazon Warehouse Deals. This link shows the lowest price per color/option. Click on the “See all offers for this product” to see the detailed listings per color/option.

Of the summary link above, the rose-gold is the best bet for $12.06 as it is “Used – Like New” (damaged original packaging) or the silver in similar condition for $13.25. This seems to suggest it’s just imperfect packaging. The black color scheme for $11.69 on the other hand is “Used – Good” (will come repackaged) which suggests a higher risk (opened already, mayhaps used, and such).

The new condition price is $20 (Prime eligible).

Fiio EX1 ii In-Ears for $50 with free S&H

Electronics EXPO also loaded up another offer at NewEgg Flash today, also running for a full week from today, it is the new condition Fiio EX1 ii In-Ears going for $50 with free shipping and handling. This is the second generation in the EX1 series, not the second generation of EX1ii as the NF title over there may be confusing 🙂

FREE after Mail-In Rebate: refurbished Krazilla Kzh Metal In-Ears

IF you do not object with mail-in rebates and rebate cards and such, NewEgg Flash is offering the refurbished Krazilla Kzh Metal In-Ears for free after an $8 mail-in rebate. Free shipping. This is shipped by NewEgg Flash and Premier eligible (that’s NewEgg version of Prime, they even gave it a similar name to piggy-back on the Prime popularity).

PS: the brand name is “Krazilla”, not “Krakzilla” 🙂

MEE Audio X7 Exercise Bluetooth Earphones for $30 w/FS

The MEE Audio X7 bluetooth earphones (with the built-in exercise hook design) went live today for $40 at NewEgg FLASH but that price has been trounced by Amazon actual where the blue color scheme goes for $30 with free shipping with up to three pairs per customer. This is not a lightning deal, so expiration time is unknown.

Advanced Sound Lightning DAC/Amp for $45 w/FS [MD]

We begin a mini “Massdrop trilogy” of posts 🙂 First up, something for Lightning iOS listeners. Massdrop is offering the new condition Advanced Sound Accessport Lightning DAC/Amp for $45 with free US shipping, running for the next four days and change (from blog-posting date). An MFI button trio is built-into the physical device.

A list of compatible devices is included in the Massdrop product listing. Basically iPhone 5 and later, iPod Touch 5 and later, iPad Retina (4th gen) and later, and all the iPad Mini and PROs. They will ship from the vendor in early March 2018 with all sales final.

Thinksound IEMs Grab Bag for $50 + S&H [MD]

If you like the mysteries and wonders of a grab bag, Thinksound is back with a grab bag of their own at Massdrop running for the next four days and change (from blog posting time). You pay $50 plus shipping and for that you will receive randomly one out of four Thinksound wood in-ear models. About half of the people will get the ms02, about a quarter each will get either the rain2 or the ts03, and 6% will get the USP1. You can buy up to two grab bags but each grab bag is randomly generated so you may get two of the same.

They come with a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer and will ship in early March 2018. All sales final as usual.

EarFirst T23 High-Fidelity Earplugs for $18 w/FS [MD]

Ooops! I almost missed this! Running until around 3am eastern on Friday are the new condition EarFirst T23 High-Fidelity Earplugs offered for $18 with free US shipping at Massdrop. They are available in two color schemes, coffee (in case you frequently soak them in coffee or tea [do not try this at home; it is a joke!) and transparent. A protective ABS carrying case is included. These will ship from Massdrop in early March 2018 with all sales final as usual.

Bose Quiet Comfort 25 ANC Over-Ears for $150 w/FS

More headphone action at the NewEgg sale, it’s back to Black Friday pricing for the new condition BOSE Quiet Comfort 25 ANC Over-Ears. The black color scheme with the iOS button configuration is on sale for $150 with free shipping until Wednesday 2/14/18 or earlier if sold out. No promo code is needed.

As of the time of writing, has not price-matched it.

Philips SHP-9500S Open Over-Ears for $50 w/FS

NewEgg is back with another email newsletter promotion with a focus on mobile gear, and among the headliners in the email is the return of the new condition open-back over-ear Philips SHP-9500S headphones to $50 with free shipping. No coupon needed for this. The sale ends next Wednesday (or earlier if sold out). Limit up to twenty pairs per customer.

This is sold and shipped by NewEgg actual, not iffy marketplace sellers. We have a text and pictures unboxing of it here [it = the headphone; not NewEgg]. Still no review, but I’m gonna guess the moment I publish the review, the headphone will get discontinued 😉

Thur: JBL Reflect Mini Wireless Earbuds for $45 w/FS

Good until Thursday at 11:59pm eastern, five different color schemes of the JBL Reflect Mini Wireless Earbuds are on sale for $45 with free shipping as one of the deals of the day at B&H Photo.

[DEAD] Friday: Plantronics Headphone & Headset sale (13 options)

This Friday deal of the day expired…

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[DEAD] Repurpose This (earphone/DAP case): Small Nikon Camera Bag for $1.25 with free shipping

Party’s over, the sale ended…

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