Archives for February 3, 2018

TEAC CT-H02 Closed Headphones for $14 [was $10]

The new condition pink/red/white closed-back TEAC CT-H02 are currently going for $14 [was $10], sold by a marketplace seller, with the orders fulfilled by Amazon, so Prime shipping for members. There are six units available per the shopping cart. They average 3.9 out of 5 based on 15 customer reviews. From the looks of it and the naming scheme, these seem to have common ancestry with the Tascam TH-02

Price updated here 2/6/18…

[DEAD] Used Final Audio Design Sonorous IV Hybrid Closed Over-Ears for $299

As of a 2/6/18 recheck, the $299 options is sold out and now the lowest used price is much higher…

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