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Feed your DAPs: 64GB Samsung EVO Select microSDXC for $20

If you need a 64GB microSDXC card for your digital audio player (DAP) or PAD (Phone as a DAP), the 64GB Samsung EVO Select microSDXC with 10 year warranty and four-proof protection (water, temperatures, other conditions) is on sale for $20 [was $19] by Amazon actual. No purchase quantity limits. It comes with a full size SD card adapter, so you can use it with devices that take full size SD cards (eg if you want to fill/refill it on your laptop or desktop).

Used Hifiman HE-400i Planars for $150

Marketplace seller “Alpha Stereo” (fulfilled by Amazon) is currently offering the Hifiman HE-400i planar-magnetics in “Used – Good” condition (they have a long uppercase sentence describing them) for $150 with free shipping through Amazon Warehouse Deals.

Used Status Audio CB-1 Closed Over-Ears for $40

The closed back Status Audio CB-1 over-ears go for $59 in new condition but if you want to save some, the Status Audio Amazon store has a trio of Used Listings at Amazon Warehouse Deals going for $40 (Used Good) or $44 (Used Very Good) or $49 (Used Like New). These are fulfilled by Amazon, thus Prime eligible.

The open-back sister model, the OB-1, are currently un-orderable at Amazon, eg when you search for them, they don’t show up in the search results. The product listing is not pulled though, it remains there on their website, but it won’t show up with an Amazon product search. Kinda annoying if you are trying to read reviews and comments about it.

Used Audio Technica R70X Open Over-Ear for $239

The open-back over-ear Audio Technica R70X (a parallel model to the closed M70x) are currently available in “Used – Good” condition (cosmetic imperfections; damaged original packaging) for $239~ by Amazon Warehouse Deals actual. This link is the summary that only shows one used listing, but when you check the Used Only listings you’ll also find a “Used – Very Good” for $255~ and a “Used – Like New” for $270~.

[DEAD] Mokin Lightning to 3.5 mm Headphone Jack Adapter for $27

These offers expired…

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