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Bose QC25 Closed Over-Ears ANC drip to $175

The Bose QC25 Closed Over-Ears ANC headphones were a high profile Black Friday deal for $179, but now it has reached a new low, down to $175 with free shipping at Amazon by Amazon actual with up to three per customer, along with NewEgg by NewEgg actual, specifically in the black color scheme with the iOS remote control buttons.

AKG K485BT Bluetooth for $100

Electronics EXPO strikes again with another deal, it is the new condition AKG K845 BT bluetooth over/on-ear headphones offered for $100 with free shipping through Walmart. Electronics Expo is an East Coast store chain, not just an online dealer. And they are authorized.

Speaking of AKG, they are now one big happy family within Samsung along with Harman and JBL and everybody else Samsung has been buying. Which brings us to the new condition JBL Pulse 2 Portable Splashproof Bluetooth Speaker offered for $80 by a couple of fulfilled by Amazon sellers.

Used Pro-Ject Audiophile Head Box S for $99

The new condition Pro-Ject Audiophile Head Box S goes for $150 but if you are comfortable with used, “Listen UP” of Colorada is offering the black color scheme in “Used – Like New”, tested and inspected and in original box for $99 with free shipping through Amazon Warehouse Deals. This is not Prime eligible. It averages 4.4 out of 5 based on 17 customer reviews.

Refurbished AKG K490 NC for $70, K495 NC On-Ears for $80, Harman NC Square for $70

The official Harman Audio store falls in love with headphones again as their latest round of weekly deals features the following recertified headphones with warranty:

+ AKG K490 NC On-Ears for $70 in black

+ AKG K495 NC On-Ears for $80 in black

+ Harman Audio NC Square Over/On-ears for $70 with the black/silver color scheme with up to five per customer

+ so this sale has a theme, like a TV show episode, it is active noise cancellation 🙂

Last Call: Sennheiser IE8i IEMs for $130 [MD]

As of 12/4/17 2pm ET, there is one day and a few hours left in this drop! 299 units have been purchased so far…

The Sennheisers at Massdrop are multiplying! Live now and fully unlocked is the new condition Sennheiser IE8i IEMs for $130 with free shipping and handling. This ships to USA and Canada only per the listing. Orders are shipped by Massdrop, all sales are final, and will ship at the end of December 2017 (after Christmas). There is no mention of warranty in the listing. They offer runs for the next five days.

PS: there are two more Sennheiser currently running at Massdrop as In-Stock Drops, the HD6XX for $200 and a gaming headset. The “in-stock drops” are more like conventional online orders, they ship 2-3 days after each 24-hour daily drop closes.

SMSL IDEA DAC/Amp for $70 [MD]

Another new offer has become fully unlocked today at members-only Massdrop. It is the new condition SMSL IDEA DAC/Amp going for $70 with free shipping. The offer runs for the next four days or so. It comes with three different types of USB cables and can support up to DSD 512. The shipping estimate is CES 2018 (early January 2018). They ship from Massdrop and all sales are final.

If you prefer much faster delivery and the option to return them if you don’t like them, two of the three color options (black or red) are available for $86 by ShenzhenAudio with the orders fulfilled by Amazon, so Prime members get them in two days or so. The gray color ships directly from Shenzhen and it’s not Prime eligible, so there is a Massdrop-level of wait there 🙂

Sennheiser CX 3.00 In-Ears for $19 to $21

On the budget side of earphones, the new condition Sennheiser CX 3.00 are on sale for $19 to $21 in new condition at Amazon by Amazon actual depending on the color scheme. Limit up to three per color per customer. This is not a lightning deal, so the expiration time is unknown. They average 3.6 out of 5 based on 460+ customer reviews. The black/red color-scheme is the one going for $19. Free shipping for Prime or with a $25+ order.

[DEAD] AKG K240 MK II Studio Headphones for $78

This lighting deal expired…

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[DEAD] Live Amazon Lightning Deals Now!

These lighting deals expired…

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