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Apple: AirPods preorders now; Beats X in February 2017; EP On-Ears for $99

A round-up of some of the latest Apple-Beats headphones: the Beats X bluetooth earphones have been pushed to February 2017, while the Airpods are finally available for preorder at the Apple website. Meanwhile the closed-back wired on-ear “Beats EP” are on sale for $99 with free shipping.

AKG K550 II Closed Over-Ears for $90 [limit 5]

The official Harman Kardon online store is currently having a sale on the new condition closed-back over-ear AKG K550 II headphone for $90 with free shipping with a limit of up to five units per customer. TouchWiz not included 😉 This is currently available in black. The offer ends 12/18/16 per the sale there in a “while supplies last” fashion.

Five new offers got unlocked at Massdrop

Members-only Massdrop has five new offers that are currently unlocked, with somewhere between 6-7 days left in the promotion (from blog-posting date). The usual situation applies, shipping dates vary by individual product, and things of that nature. The five are (I am adding the shipping fee to the price mentioned below):

  • GermanMaestero GMP 400 for $173, GMP 450 Over-Ears (MiG) for $10 more
  • OSTRY KC06A In-Ears for $48
  • MElectronics Audio X7 Plus Bluetooth IEMs for $64~
  • Little Dot MKIII Tube Headphone Amp for $230
  • XDuoo X10 Digital Audio Player (now with scrolling wheel technology; takes two cards) for $158

PS: MiG = Made in Germany.

[DEAD] Audeze LCD-2 (Aluminum and Lambskin) for $699

This promotion ended… The sale is back on the Audeze LCD-2 (Aluminum and Lambskin) planar-magnetic over-ears, they are going for $699 with free shipping for a limited time at authorized dealer

[DEAD] SHARKK Bravo Hybrid Electrostatics for $199 (ends Thur 2:45am ET)

This hybrid lightning deal expired…

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[DEAD] Beyerdynamic iDX 200 iE Premium In-Ears for $159

This lightning deal expired too…

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